What does a 21st Century Leader look like?

The 21st century is globalised, hyper-connected and defined by economic volatility. 

To lead in this environment, 21st century leaders must anticipate the unexpected, embrace change whilst staying grounded, and demonstrate resilience whilst being able to act effectively. 

Today’s leaders must be willing to take risks, inspire and motivate, and build new strategic partnerships. Technology also plays an unceasingly large role in the identification and succession of leaders, meaning that leaders will have to be accountable, marketable and technology-savvy.

We are partnering with Lumesse for our upcoming event series, which will examine the most important global and world of work trends affecting organisations today, and the ingredients that ‘make’ a 21st century leader. We will examine findings from this short survey that is currently still open – we encourage you to take part to shape this exciting piece of research and to help shape our event series

Based on the survey results, we will examine how to assess the leaders and high potentials in your organisation, and, once you know what the profile is, how to identify, monitor and calibrate your talent for leadership and track the leadership pipeline, implementing technology to support this process. We will look at how you can build bespoke programmes to develop current and future leaders, to drive business performance and deliver results.
We have events happening in locations across the UK in London, Edinburgh and Birmingham. Places are limited so email Anne.Hunt@right.com now to confirm your place.