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About RightEverywhere®

RightEverywhere® is a highly configurable digital platform providing tools and resources for career development. RightEverywhere allows users to create insights about their strengths and skills to realise their potential and advance in their professional journeys.

  • Achieve the best career outcomes for users in the shortest time possible

  • Understand individuals' strengths and map a career path through interactive assessments

  • Personalised feedback unique to each user’s career situation

  • Provides clients with customisation options to align with their brand

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How Will the Re-imagined RightEverywhere® Help Our Clients?

The re-imagined RightEverywhere® platform expands our capabilities to provide employers with: more flexibility in how they configure the user portal, including programme/applications included and the option for custom branding.

RightEverywhere® is the most comprehensive and globally consistent digital platform in the industry, it offers:

  • Responsive, global platform delivering consistent content and applications

  • Improved user experience due to more robust applications, through our partnerships with industry-leading 3rd party providers

  • Ability to access at anytime, anywhere via mobile devices

  • Improved assessments for identifying strengths and interests

  • Easy access to data, tools and information

  • Online webinars and events to further learning and development

  • One-click event registration

  • Best-in-class CV builder tool

  • Video interviewing capabilities

The site also offers robust technologies offered through our innovative partnerships with leading 3rd party providers. These tools and partnerships include:

  • Workfolio - customised websites that help users develop their personal brand

  • Right Job Opportunities - our enhanced job platform provides personalised and relevant job knowledge about open positions and job leads

  • Montage - video interviewing technology to help users practice answering questions, prepare for interviews and learn to deliver their career story effectively

  • RightSkills - access to a broad library of training modules

  • RightTalent - quick and targeted connections to recruiters looking to hire

  • Career/Search - insights and information on companies and industries

  • Right CareerExpo - virtual career fairs offering targeted and direct connections to employers and recruiters who are looking to hire across industries and geographies

  • Avention – provides business information solutions including conceptual searching, triggers, SmartLists, and business signals

A Better User Experience

The reimagined RightEverywhere® platform offers a simplified, enhanced user experience that provides tools and resources to help users gain insights about their strengths and skills and apply them to career development in order to advance their professional journey and realise their potential. The site is accessible anytime, anywhere through mobile and tablet devices.

In addition to offering the latest technologies, most RightEverywhere® users are paired with a career coach who offer individualised guidance and provide career development strategies, tips and advice.

RightEverywhere® supports users in five areas:

  • Self Discovery - assessments that help users identify key strengths, personal and professional priorities, ideal work environment and other attributes

  • Career Planning - career mapping and information to help users identify career goals

  • Personal Branding - tools and tips to help users build their personal brand, including applications to create personal videos and the ability to create a personal website to showcase skills and abilities

  • Job Search - our Right Job Opportunities job platform that offers connections to millions of job openings

  • Close the Deal - interviewing and negotiating tips to help users learn how to negotiate salaries and advance their career in meaningful ways


“A catalyst for innovation and evolution, technology has changed…well, it’s changed everything.  


From business processes to individual career management, it is fascinating to speculate on the interesting and innovative ways we will be able to leverage the tools and applications that we have available today (as well as the technological innovations that will drive change in the future).  As global career experts in the business of helping companies and individuals succeed, we are especially interested in the impact technology will have on the future of career management.


At Right Management, we believe that technology should assist people as they manage and develop their careers, it shouldn’t replace people.  Just because an app can provide jobseekers with coaching suggestions and career tips, we know that the number one driver of individual career success is having good, consistent career conversations with your manager and peers.”


Click here to read the full post - The Future of Career Management: It’s Digital. It’s Personal. It’s Here.

What is RightEverywhere®?

RightEverywhere® is a highly configurable digital platform designed to provide Right Management users the tools and resources they need to gather insights about their strengths and skills and apply them to career development goals in order to advance their professional journey.

What’s new about RightEverywhere®?

Our re-imagined RightEverywhere® platform brings our robust applications, tools, resources and insights into one, intuitive and comprehensive online site. The new, standardized global career management platform offers for users:

  • A simplified improved user experience

  • Enhanced personalisation

  • Social capabilities rating

  • Mobile and tablet accessibility

Who can benefit from using RightEverywhere®?

RightEverywhere® assists both individuals and employers.  Individuals benefit when they are preparing to enter the workforce, transitioning to new employment, building their skills for their current position or looking for guidance on lifelong pursuits.  Employers benefit by offering their employees the most comprehensive and robust tool in the industry, offering exclusive webinars, industry resources, personal branding assets and networking events to facilitate development and increase engagement.

In what languages is RightEverywhere® available?

RightEverywhere® is available in 18 distinct languages and over 50 dialects including:

  • Chinese (Simplified, Traditional)

  • Danish

  • Dutch (Belgium, Netherlands)

  • English (US, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom)

  • Finnish

  • French (Belgium, Canada, France, Switzerland)

  • German (Austria, Germany, Switzerland)

  • Italian

  • Japanese

  • Korean

  • Norwegian

  • Polish

  • Portuguese

  • Spanish (Latin American, Spain)

  • Swedish

How can individuals access RightEverywhere®?

Visit today to request an access code to the new platform.

Does RightEverywhere® comply with WCAG A and AA requirements?

The new RightEverywhere® has been developed to comply with WCAG A and AA requirements for easy access via a desktop, tablet and mobile devices. The WCAG A and AA compliance will improve easy accessibility for individuals with disabilities including hearing and visually impaired. The site will also support rich media and streaming video content.

  • Some examples of the WCAG AA features the site will offer:

    • Resize text up to 200%

    • Usage of clear headings and labels on all pages

    • Keyboard focus visibility

    • User notification when the language of a page changes

    • Icons and buttons are consistently identifiable

RightEverywhere® recommends using the following web browsers for full functionality and features:

  • Internet Explorer – Version 10 and higher

  • Mozilla Firefox – Version 34 and higher

  • Chrome – Version 39 and higher

  • Safari – Version 8 and higher

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