Engage key talent and decrease recruitment costs

Opportunities to progress is the number one reason 39% of employees are engaged, with ‘lack of career opportunities’ cited as one of the top reasons for leaving an organisation.

With competition for top talent fiercer than ever, organisations must ensure they retain those employees with the key skills needed for future success, doing so by providing engaging workforce experiences that mark them out as an employer of choice. 

Right Management’s RETAIN solution enables organisations to engage and develop individuals with the skills required for future success, decreasing recruitment costs and reducing business disruption.

Solution Elements


Today’s employees expect employers to provide them with opportunities to help develop their careers. Career management is one of the key deciding factors of whether talent will stay or leave an organisation. Providing the tools and techniques to help individuals navigate their career will ensure engagement and productivity. 


Fast track employees to career success: assessment empowers individuals with greater self knowledge to develop into the right role. Our suite of personal assessments provide insight which fuels career fulfilment.

RETAIN – Individual Focus

Matching aspiration with opportunity: talented individuals want to deepen and broaden their skills to stay relevant and employable. Via our programmes individuals prioritise career options, plan for skill upgrades and engage in career planning for life.

RETAIN – Manager Focus

Managers are talent brokers: in an effective organisational career culture, managers are accountable for providing career guidance and growth opportunities. We provide managers with the skills they need to lead their teams to career success.

Internal Sourcing

The right people with the right opportunity: too many companies spend too little time allocating their internal talent resources effectively. Using our online career portal, RightEverywhere, we can match individuals to internal opportunities.


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"With the global talent shortage so acute, retaining key skills has become critical for survival. Organisations are now waking up to the fact that in-demand employees expect a collaborative career conversation which recognises the full scope of their knowledge, skills, abilities and interests. Organisations that engage in this dialogue reap the rewards, ensuring higher engagement, retention and productivity."

Amy Smyth, Centre of Excellence, Career Management - Right Management Europe

RETAIN in practise
Case Study: Chemical Manufacturer

Business Challenge: This large chemical manufacturer was challenged in how to retain and develop their long-tenured employees. In addition to improving engagement, they also needed to find a way to help their long term employees manage their careers within the business so that they could retain their institutional knowledge, technical expertise, and depth of specialisation. Historically, the organisation’s approach to development and engagement was fractured – managed by individual business units – which led to an inconsistent employment experience and a limited career development path.