Primed for Success: Why businesses need to coach for soft skills

Business leaders strive to get the best out of their workforces but too often fall short. Research consistently shows that coaching makes a real impact on the productivity and fulfilment of employees.

We surveyed 4,000 employees across Europe to understand the impact and importance of coaching. ​

The results show that two in three workers (67%) who have had training or skills coaching say it has improved their overall job performance. Despite this, three in ten (28%) of employees are not being offered any coaching by their firms at all. And too often, even when coaching is available it's not being taken up.

​ “Many people don’t realise the full extent of what coaching can do and the issues it can address. There are many non-technical skills which people neglect but which are essential for a successful team and business.” 

Jacques Quinio, Head of Leader Development, Assessment and Coaching, Europe​

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