Creating a Culture of Career Development to Increase Employee Engagement

Leader Development: Career Development

Client Industry

Consumer Products.


For several years, this multinational medical devices, pharmaceutical and consumer packaged goods manufacturer received feedback on their engagement surveys that employees did not feel they had adequate opportunity for career development or advancement within the organization. Right Management was brought in to leverage its expertise in career consulting when HR leaders made it a strategic priority to identify a solution to address this challenge.

Workforce Solution

In order to provide employees the tools, resources and support to develop their careers within the organization, Right Management provided a program that took their business and talent strategy into account. The program: 

To support  the company’s focus on talent mobility and redeployment, special attention was placed on helping managers move beyond discussions based on performance evaluations to help them  become more skilled having ongoing career conversations with their reports. By facilitating career conversations, the company was able to demonstrate to program participants that they supported the desire for employees to take greater control of their career direction.


Participation in the program has doubled year over year and the program has expanded to include more global locations and business units to facilitate the implementation of career management programs via the Right Management portal. This has helped to drive a consistent methodology and language around career development across the enterprise. Participants are leveraging the support to foster career conversations and identify internal opportunities for growth, as typified by the following experience shared by one participant:  “I just received a major promotion to a senior management position.  My participation in the Career Directions program and the assistance Right Management provided through the coaching process played an integral role in my success.  Without Right Management’s help identifying and effectively communicating my key strengths, I don’t feel that I would have been able to advance to this type of position.” 


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