Right Management delivers a variety of coaching solutions for individuals and groups. If you're interested in hearing more about the profiles of our coaches, please contact us at or call 020 7469 6660.

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Coaching Services that Deliver Outcomes for Organisations and Individuals

At Right Management we have 35 years of experience in coaching, including leadership coaching and group coaching, with 650 career coaches globally who hold both accreditations in coaching and business experience.

As a Global Career Experts, Right Management helps clients win in the changing world of work by designing and executing workforce solutions that align talent practice with business strategy. Our expertise spans Organisational Effectiveness, Individual Development and Career Management.

Recognising the value that executive coaching provides to both individuals and organisations Right Management has created a range of programmes to deliver quality executive coaching and leadership development. We are also experienced in tracking, project managing, and identifying themes across coaching relationships to support you with your development planning.

All developmental senior executive coaching assignments are tailored and we have built in to each coaching programme a 3 way conversation at the start with the line manager, the selected career coach and the coachee to establish the goals and desired outcomes of the development process. Equally, the executive coaching programme should end with another 3-way to evaluate the developmental journey and assess if the goals and outcomes defined at the start, were achieved.

By leveraging Right Management’s executive coaching expertise, business leaders can play a more active role in managing their employees’ careers resulting in better agility and retention in the organisation. Meanwhile, individuals can benefit from our coaching and career development capabilities to understand opportunities for ongoing development and define a career path aligned to their strengths and goals.

Leader Coaching

Find out how to sustainably develop your leaders for greater impact on the performance of the organisation with leadership coaching.

High Impact Coaching

Learn how to change leadership behaviours faster for greater leader and organisational effectiveness by implementing our executive coaching solutions.

First 90 Days

Accelerate the journey of leaders taking a new role for greater integration success, via executive coaching for new hires.

Personal Career Focus

Learn how to align individual capabilities and aspirations with strategic goals by deploying career coaching in your organisation.


Gain additional perspective on coaching from some of Right Management’s senior leaders.

Executive coaching candidate sitting at a desk

Can You Afford Not to Provide Executive Coaching for Executives?

Author: Eleanor Hanley, Consultant, Right Management UK

Excerpt from this post:

"How to make a business case for executive coaching based on the “hidden” costs of performing below expectations."




Female senior leadership coaching candidate wearing an orange top

What High Potential Profiles Can Reveal About Your Leadership Culture

Author: Jacques Quinio, Principal Consultant, Right Management UK

Excerpt from this post:

"High potential programmes bring value to the individual participants, by helping them reflect on their leadership strengths and areas for development. Such programmes impact all the teams and communities the participant works with, and have a positive impact on the efficiency of the participants in their current or future role.”



Q: How do you match coaches to coachees?

A: The Coaching Team at Right Management use their understanding of the knowledge, skills, experience, personality and interests of the available career coaches in the pool – combined with information taken from the client brief to make the initial matching recommendation. Career coach biographies are shared with the client, and chemistry sessions are set up with potential coaches. It is critical to get this matching process right, so we’d advise really taking the time necessary to understand the brief, and the key outcomes both the organisation, and individuals are looking to achieve.

Q: Is it important to have a coach that is located nearby?

A: Again, it really depends on what you are looking to gain from your leadership coaching or group coaching intervention. Factors you may need to consider include whether the coaching pool on offer fit for purpose. Does it have the right mix of coaching expertise, skills and business experience to deliver meaningful results? At Right Management, our global footprint enables us to offer consistent, high-quality coaching across EMEA, Asia-PAC and the Americas which is often really important for large international clients, but less so for locally based organisations where industry knowledge, or business experience may be more valued.

Q: How can executive coaching help?

A: Executive coaching can help tackle a lot of different issues but the ones that we see most frequently fall into the following three categories: leader coaching, onboarding coaching and high impact coaching. Executive coaching helps leaders understand their impact and increase their effectiveness in their role. Onboarding support helps new hires decrease the amount of time taken to start performing in their role. High Impact coaching helps leaders to tackle key behavioural areas within a shorter term frame for example; gravitas, communication style, delegation etc.

Q: How can we be sure that the coach and coachee will “click” with each other?

A: We do this in two ways; we offer to our clients that they meet a pool of our coaches upfront to approve them in terms of fit with their organisation. We take in- depth briefs to understand who in our pool we think will fit with a particular coachee. We select profiles on the basis of these briefs and recommend that coachees meet two coaches for chemistry meetings after which the coachee decides who they would like to work with.

Q: How do you ensure that any issues are picked up on?

A: Any coachee issues are explored by our Head of Coaching who acts as an objective point of contact. She will look to understand whether it is part of the coaching process (e.g. discomfort with the disclosure/self-reflection required for coaching to be effective) or whether there is another issue at play. Providing this third party means that the coachee can discuss issues which may relate to the coach themselves.

Coaching in the Human Age

Amidst uncertain economic times, today's world of work is a turbulent place. Employers are navigating much tougher challenges than ever before. Leadership coaching is increasingly becoming a way to accelerate leaders' capacity to rise to these challenges.

Find out why executive coaching is important and can help bridge the gap between today's talent and tomorrow's business needs.