Align and adapt your workforce for future success

Skills shortages in Britain are costing businesses more than £2.5 billion a year in higher salaries, recruitment costs and temporary staffing bills.

Right Management’s TRANSFORM solution enables organisations to take a proactive approach to workforce planning by assessing the workforce and accelerating change.

Solution Elements

To be transformation ready, organisations must create a culture of innovation. Employees need to be open to change, prepared to take calculated risks and embrace the need for continuous skill development. Identifying who has the right mindset and providing the entire workforce with the right tools to drive transformation are the cornerstones of success.


Invest in the right people: know the readiness of your leaders and workforce for transformation. Through workforce assessments we can build a detailed picture of who is best placed to drive your organisation to success.


The right leaders driving the right behaviours – Create a community of digital-ready, analytically minded and connected leaders dedicated to creating the necessary culture for digital transformation.


Resilient employees who embrace transformation: through our interventions employees will develop the ability to welcome rather than endure change, nurturing their natural curiosity and learnability.

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TRANSFORM in practise Case Study: Spanish Bank

Business Challenge:Following a recent acquisition, this client was challenged to assess the sales profile and geographical mobility of the 220 local employees who were now part of the new organisation. Additionally, the client wanted to understand the career goals and motivations of this employee population.

Challenge Accepted: In order to meet these objectives, Right Management was engaged to deliver an Assessment and Career Decision process, with the organisation aiming to redeploy as many of the newly-acquired employees as possible.